Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Prophet and Toaster’s Weird Heroclix Teams

When an established superhero dies, it leaves a void that that is sometimes filled by a newcomer taking up the mantle. Perhaps this person was a sidekick or maybe just inspired. Sometimes they are chosen somehow by universal forces beyond their understanding. Whatever the case, they have big shoes to fill as…

The Replacements

We begin with who could arguably be the leader of this group, Dick Grayson. After Bruce Wayne was believed to be dead, but in reality was just a dumb storyline where he was wandering through time, Dick Grayson decided to honor his mentor and wear the cape and cowl. The DC 75th Batman, the only one as Grayson, is a great, well-rounded piece with Charge that turns to Flurry, free Smoke Cloud, Flight and back dial Perplex. (There will be a lot of Perplex on this team, never a bad thing!) Overall, it’s a solid Batman, regardless of who is under the mask.

Next up is who I would think of as second in command. Much like Batman, everyone thought Captain America died, but I guess Steve Rogers was trapped in a dimension or some bullshit like that. I honestly don’t care and would have left him dead as it paved the way for “Buck-Cap.” James Buchanan Barnes AKA Bucky AKA Winter Soldier took up the red, white and blue mantle of his good friend by becoming the new Captain America. To save points and keep the build under 800 points, I decided to go with the Gravity Feed version of Buck-Cap. For fifty points, he is an ass-kicking piece with Charge, Flurry, Close Combat Expert and a 6 range. With a little perplex and someone using Telekinesis to move Buck-Cap into battle, this most-likely overlooked piece will do some damage! But who will supply the TK?

How about the guy who for a time was the only Green Lantern after Hal Jordan went all Parallaxy? (By the way, that’s totally a word now!) The Kyle Rayner piece I am choosing is from DC 75. He comes with front loaded Perplex, Indomitable and free Telekinesis when he has no action tokens. Plus he can transport the entire team with his Green Lantern Team Ability. It’s a great version of Rayner, despite Jonny Prophet’s irrational hatred toward him. Hey, at least when Kyle was possessed by Parallax he didn’t cause a crappy cross-over storyline that only further muddled the continuity of DC comics!

Ahem… moving on. When Barry Allen sacrificed himself to save the Multi-verse, “Kid Flash” Wally West graduated from sidekick status to become the new Flash. And now he doesn’t exist. Seriously? What the hell, New 52? Anyways, the DC 10th series gave us a great version of the Wally West Flash. Beyond the obvious Hypersonic Speed, he sports Perplex and 2 special powers; the first giving him Charge, Flurry and Exploit Weakness and the other granting him a version of “Armor Piercing.” In other news, I am considering building a team of major characters who don’t exist in the New 52. (Seriously, they have 5 human Green Lanterns but couldn’t find a place for Wally West or Donna Troy?)

Next up is Hawkeye… Girl Hawkeye that is! Kate Bishop didn’t have super powers so she took up the identity of the (then) deceased Avengers sharpshooter. Even though Hawkeye returned from the dead, she still was allowed to keep the name. And hey, there’s a Young Avengers book out! Everything’s coming up roses! Girl Hawkeye has an impressive 8 range with Running Shot and the Special Power to Perplex her own stats. With the rest of the Perplex on this team to increase her attack, range and damage she could be one deadly sniper.

It took a while before Bruce Wayne let Tim Drake to fill the void left by the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd. Upon becoming the sidekick to the Batman, Drake took the name Red Robin… actually just Robin (The New 52 can suck it). His version from Arkham Asylum is both point efficient and provides some necessary Outwit right off the bat (ha!), Leap/Climb to get into position as well as Stealth to stay hidden courtesy of the Batman Team Ability. Beyond that he has 6 range with 2 targets, Smoke Cloud, Incapacitate, Perplex and more Outwit at the end of his dial. With a little Telekinesis, he can be easily placed into battle if needed. But there couldn’t possibly be more TK, could there?

Why, yes there is… brought to you by the clone of Superman and Lex Luthor. Just don’t call him Superboy! Well, I guess we have to since Superman returned from the dead (spoiler from 19 years ago!). Anyways, I chose the Reign of the Supermen version of Kon-El because it was the point where he considered himself the new Superman. In speaking of Superman, he has the Superman Team Ability which can allow him to see through opponent Stealth. He also brings with him front loaded “tactile” Telekinesis, Charge, Perplex (shocking, I know), Super Strength, Invulnerability and Close Combat Expert at various points of his dial. So just like with Kyle Rayner, you get to keep a heavy back to position others until you need him to join the fray.

The last two amazingly have kept their inherited mantles as their predecessors have (gasp) stayed dead! The first is the new Spider-man of the Ultimate universe Miles Morales. His is a simple dial with Charge and Super Strength right from the start and a trait that gives him Stealth. His modest damage stats can easily be enhanced by the abundance of Perplex on the team so like BuckCap, this rookie Spider-man can be a cheap bruiser.

The other superhero whose predecessor never miraculously came back from the dead (without a Black Lantern ring) is Blue Beetle. After Ted Kord was killed, the Scarab found a new host in teenager Jaime Reyes and unlocked its true potential. This piece should be pretty useful with Running Shot, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Pulse Wave and the always painful Mystics Team Ability. Blue Beetle also features a one-time damage evading power, the possibility of using Blades/Claws/Fangs and self Probability Control.

You know, it’s kind of sad that out of these 9 replacement heroes, only 2 of their predecessors did not come back to life. Anyways, our build looks like this:

Captain America (CA 205) - 50
Batman (DC75 031) - 77
Blue Beetle (D10A 009) - 94
Flash (D10A 010) - 105
Kyle Rayner (DC75) – 169
Hawkeye (SI) - 57
Robin (AA) - 79
Spider-man (ASM 039) - 34
Superboy (SM) – 125

This leaves 10 points left for Feats or Relics. Given the lack of Probability Control on this team, maybe having the Reality Gem added to make an even 800 points could be useful (as long as one of your pieces rolls a 5 or 6). I haven’t had a chance to play this team yet, but with the all that Perplex, I predict it will kick serious butt.

Until next time, stay strange. 

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