Sunday, January 27, 2013

Toaster's Ramblings... RE: Justice League Movie

After witnessing Marvel’s The Avengers make in what monetary terms comes out to about a small nation’s GDP, Warner Brothers is salivating at the chance to rake in mega-bucks courtesy of their own superhero-super-team movie… the Justice League. By the looks of it, however, Warner Brothers seems to be going about it all wrong. Rather than take the slow approach that Marvel did where they introduce the necessary characters one film at a time while establishing future plot threads therein, Warner Brothers and DC seem to be just running in guns blazing.  

Now let’s stop and evaluate all of this so far. The first real step toward making a DC super-team film was made with Green Lantern… which under-performed and was not exactly embraced by the geek masses. However, WB immediately green-lit a sequel rather than go back to the drawing board. The next film hasn’t even come out yet… Man of Steel. DC and WB have a lot riding on this newest Superman film. If this one doesn’t cut the mustard, they are in serious trouble. With only these two films, they are talking about releasing a Justice League movie NEXT YEAR!

Jonny Prophet and I can see disaster approaching. First, you have way too much background to cover with these characters. You can’t just introduce Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and so on in a two hour movie and expect a satisfying story. Do they expect to cram in a villain too? Green Lantern tried to do too much in a single movie and it showed. The other problem is that the rumors persist that the villain of this film will be Darkseid. We ask ‘what do you do for an encore?’ Darkseid is like the baddest of the bad. The Avengers didn’t start out fighting Thanos. You have to build to something that epic!

Oh, and there’s also this nasty rumor that WB and DC are just going to use the “Robin” John Blake character from the Dark Knight Rises as Batman. You might as well just flush any Justice League franchise down the toilet at that point. Both Jonny and I say ‘end the Dark Knight trilogy and start over!’ We love Joseph Gordon Levitt, but people want Bruce Wayne as Batman, not some new guy. Plus, a lot of people were already irritated by the ending of Dark Knight Rises. They need to just start the Batman franchise over. You don’t even need to have the new Batman movie debut until after Justice League, I mean, come on… everyone knows about Batman as is. I say lets make a new Batman franchise and this time have Robin (preferable not a 20 year old this time!). Also, a new Batman franchise means you get to have Joker again!  Hell, add Harley Quinn too! People will go to a Batman movie, especially one with Joker and Harley!

So this leads me to a special project that Jonny and I have been putting together. Over the next few months, we will be putting up a series of Live Action Castings of every member of the Justice League (minus Superman and Green Lantern of course, since they are established). It will be the “what we would do if we were in charge of Warner Brothers” challenge that will establish what movies would come out before the Justice League movie as well as after and the JL film itself! That’s right, we aren’t just bitching; we are coming up with solutions! So tune in this week when the first of the Justice League Live Action Castings will be uploaded!

Until then, stay strange.


  1. Well, Warner Brothers apparently scrapped the script by Will Beal (Gangster Squad) due to it being "terrible" and "half-baked", characters being added and dropped by the studios whims; making it even harder to lock onto a director due to such inconsistencies.

    You mentioned fantasy casting? Well, how abought going one step further. I called it out to aspiring writers and I ask you, since your ideas of setting up a Superman franchise was really well thought out and could carry a film series, how would you make a Justice League movie based on their criteria; team members with the hopes of launching them into solo films. Who would your core team be? Who would be your big bad? And how would the narration go? Or, how about how would you create a series of Solo films that would culminate into a Justice League movie? At least that's what I am curious to see.

  2. Jonny and I have a plan. We've started with Wonder Woman. Stay tuned...