Monday, May 25, 2015

Top 10 Least Likely to be made Marvel Movies We Want to See!

Jonny Prophet has sent me a list of his Top 10 'Unlikely to be Made' Marvel Movies. I added my italicized thoughts to each one.

1. Joe Fix-It & Patch (it's like a mob movie with Hulk and Wolverine) (Probably not, unless Fox decides they no longer like money)

2. Squirrel-Girl (I would say, given the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, it is possible. I guess we will have to see how Deadpool does to get a feel for how oddball superhero movies can do. Though her origin would have to change as she's supposed to be a mutant.)

3. The Invaders (Need Namor for Invaders to work. Personally I would save it for when Disney inevitably reboots the Marvel movie-verse.)

4. Starfox (its like Entourage in space!)  (Yeah, doubtful. And who would be his entourage? Please tell me Pip the Troll is part of his entourage!)

5. The Midnight Sons (Actually, I think this one is very likely to happen. Marvel owns Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider and Blade so all the necessary parts are there. Plus, it's a mini-Avengers type of film.)

6. Giant Size Man-Thing (Don't we all want a Giant Size Man-Thing?)

7. Eternals (It's possible, but they are way too obscure. Seriously, I am having trouble naming any beyond Thanos, Starfox and Mentor!)

8. Doc Samson (You just want to see Phil Dunphy with green hair and super powers. So do I. We can maybe get in in an Agents of S.M.A.S.H. movie... as dumb as that sounds.)

9. Dazzler (set in the 1970's or in the Mojoverse) (I doubt it, since we just had our "70's" X-men movie. Though in the released photo of Jean Grey and Jubilee, notice that Jubilee is wearing a "Light Brigade" shirt! Interesting... I would persoanlly like a Chris Claremont themed X-men movie, true to the line-ups and story telling. I would love a Mojoverse movie too!)

10. Squadron Supreme (it would be like a darker Justice League movie) (Could actually happen, but they would have to follow the MAX version for both a good story and to try to distance itself from being a straight JL rip-off. although, by the looks of things, Zack Snyder is already making a "darker" Justice League movie. *cringe*)

As for me, my Top 8 unlikely Marvel Movies would look something like this:

1. Runaways - I've heard rumors that this could happen, even some casting rumors. However, my hopes are for a story faithful to Brian K. Vaughn's amazing run with no stupidity. That's probably the most unlikely part.

2. New Warriors - I'm talking the original six members of Marvel Boy (Justice), Speedball, Firestar, Namorita, Nova and ghetto Batman... er, I mean Night Thrasher. Could Marvel make this movie? I think so. They might have to change Namorita's name. The real probalem is that if they wanted to make a superhero team about a younger team, wouldn't they just make the currently more well known Young Avengers? Hell, it has the name Avengers in it... that's practically a done deal right there. Oh well. Young Avengers was good too... though much of the team's backstory would have to be changed (Hulkling has no Skrull genetics... Wiccan and Speed are made by Scarlet Witch as love children of her and Vision... a relationship that hasn't even happened yet... huh. Hey, whatever gets us closer to having Kang on film, right?)

3. Annihilation - More of a storyline than a super hero storyline, it involved virtually every inch of Marvel's space universe when a massive army from the Negative Zone (owned by Fox) led by Annihilus (also Fox) lays waste Xandar, home of the Novas, to various space empires like the Skrulls (again, Fox) before being stopped by the likes of Nova, Star-Lord, Silver Surfer (Fox), Super-Skrull (Fox) and Galactus (hey, what do you know? Owned by Fox). So unless they plan to do a half-assed version of the story, which would make me cry, I don't think they'll bother.

4. Exiles - Could it happen? Yes, through Fox. Should it happen? Absolutely not. Let's keep time out of our mutants, please. Unless the rest of the Marvel Universe can take part, it will make no sense and suck.

5. Agents of Atlas - It's an obscure team of people you've never heard of that originally operated in the 1950's... and it would rule! The team has all kinds of sci-fi influenced characters like M-11, an unstoppable robot, Gorilla Man, a gorilla man... duh, a young man from Venus and even an Atlantean woman. They would fight the forces of The Yellow Claw. It would never happen, but damn I would love it!

6. Avengers: 1950's - Sort of like Agents of Atlas, it was a non-cannon team of super beings brought together by Nick Fury (the white one from World War II) that included monster-hunter Ulysses Bloodstone, Kraven the Hunter, Silver Sable (the father of the woman from the Spider-man books) and most interestingly... Sabretooth! While Agents of Atlas could happen, this one can't unless they remove Sabretooth from the line-up... and at that point, why bother?

7. Brute Force - Animals with cybernetic attachments that can talk and fight crime against those that harm animals... COME ON! Hell, give us a Big Hero 6 style movie of them. I would watch!

8. Nextwave - Warren Ellis' deranged take on the super hero team would be awesome on film. Unfortunately, Marvel doesn't have rights to Tabitha Smith (she is a mutant so she is owned by Fox) but you could make a new character to fill her absence. Marvel owns the others... The Captain, Aaron Stack the Machine Man, Monica Rambeau, Elsa Bloodstone. I want to see them fight the forces of H.A.T.E. dammit! The movie would be on par with Guardians of the Galaxy as far as humor.

That's all I have for now... I might add more later.  Until next time, Stay Strange!

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