Sunday, December 8, 2013

Enigma Society's Thesis Topics for School Papers

Writing an essay for school... what a nightmare. Where do you even begin? Whether its for high school or college, at some point you will be assigned a major paper that will require a thesis statement to base the entire topic around.  But fear not! As per our community service requirements (after our latest failed bid at world conquest) we at the Enigma Society are providing, absolutely free of charge, a list of possible Thesis Topics... each one bound to earn you a great deal of attention. You're welcome!

- The 70's: A Great Time to Have a Mustache
- The Case for Harvesting the Organs of Orphans
- The Moon Belongs to America!
- Daytime Television and the Nazi Agenda
- Late Night Television and the Marxist Agenda
- Puerto Rico Should Secede from the Union!
- The Call for Colonial Unity in the Face of Our New England Oppressors
- I Want My Leaded Gasoline Back!
- Building an Army of Killer Robots on a Working Man's Budget
- The Good Old Days Sucked!
- If All the Animals and Even the Plants Can Kill Them, What Do the Humans in Pokemon World Eat?
- Dolphins Are Delicious
- Lets Nuke Mars: Who Will Miss It?
- Cats VS Dogs: Who Tastes Better?
- Cancer: Not Cool God, Not Cool

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