Saturday, December 5, 2015

RIP Scott Weiland and Robert Loggia

Okay, lots of stuff has been happening... some pretty bad stuff in the world in general. In addition to those tragedies, in the course of two days, we have lost two celebrities that I want to bring up: Scott Weiland and Robert Loggia.

Scott Weiland was of the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots (as well as Velvet Revolver). STP was a big part of the music I listened to growing up in the 90's. I probably listened to their second album "Purple" a hundred times (that's not an exaggeration). The guy had his problems, a major drug abuse problem and I can only assume some level of an ego (helping explain his ouster from STP and the dissolution of Velvet Revolver). Regardless, his contributions to music and the grunge scene will be his legacy. Sad that he's the third major grunge singer to die young (behind Layne Staley and of course Kurt Cobain).

Robert Loggia was one of those actors that you undoubtedly have seen in films, even if you don't remember who he was. Remember the classic Tom Hanks film Big? Robert Loggia played his boss at the toy company. He was in Independence Day, An Officer and a Gentleman and Scarface. He even had a run on the Sopranos as an aging mobster fresh out of prison. What I find amazing is that he had Alzheimer's but was still a working actor right up until his passing!

However, I will also remember him for two things. This hilarious cut-away joke from Family Guy:

and one of the most bizarre commercials I have ever seen:

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