Monday, July 21, 2014

Jonny's Favorite Bird

Jonny Prophet wanted me to do a post about his favorite bird in the whole wide world... the cassowary. The cassowaries live in Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. They are the 3rd largest flightless bird in the world behind the emu and ostrich (also birds that Jonny is quite fond of).

Jon was heartbroken not to be available when I recently made a trip to the Toledo Zoo. There, I was able to get some great shots of their two Southern cassowaries.

Then I was able to get some nice up close shots of these beautiful birds (Jonny's words, not mine!).

What Jonny loves most about the cassowary are it's large claws at the end of powerful legs. The the middle claw is like a spear, big and sharp enough to gouge a man's neck to the point where he bleeds out from his jugular vein!

However, contrary to Jonny's beliefs, the cassowary is mainly a vegetarian that occasionally eats insects... not human flesh and souls.

Until Jonny's wish comes true to have a cassowary as a pet, he will have to make due with visiting his avian friends at the zoo.

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